From the desk of Xuping, he says, “the life at China Agricultural University as a leader of student union brought great positive outputs that even inspired people of the university. Process management, administrative skills, data management, people management, optimal resource utilization and dedication to tasks that I do are my key strengths. I have chosen Statistics as my intended field of study”. I find this choice to be perfect for this meritorious and capable student of mine.

  • Statistics has traveled at different points throughout his academic and real life
  • Statistics has never failed to fascinate and motivate him to enhance math skills

Having researched Columbia University, I believed that the statistics graduate program will drive his intellectual curiosity to the next level as well as bring honor to the university as a result of my presence. This statement is given with respect to my personal experience with him. I have well – planned life and the entry into the data driven occupation (banking sector) might remain as an example to prove this statement. Xuping is a versatile, participative and confident person with a clear focus on objectives. This point lets him to throw light on his life at Columbia University.